Murat Yıldırım Interview in the Gloria Magazine

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Murat Yıldırım Interview in the Gloria Magazine

The star Murat Yildirim stated: I am part of the most notorious mob family in Turkey portraying the role of Savas Baldar in the series “Ask ve Ceza”. This role confirmed the status of an attractive 32-year-old as one of the most popular, the most striking and charismatic of Turkish actors; but he is loyal to his wife Burcin Terzioglu


When I got the role Savas Baldar in the series “Ask ve Ceza”, my wife and I joked that we are now the most famous mob family in Turkey. While Burcin was in “Ezel” portraying the character of Azad Karaeski the daughter of biggest mob boss in Istanbul.  I was simultaneously filming “Ask ve Ceza” in which I was the middle son of a very wealthy family in Istanbul; the family was also head of one of the largest tribes in the Turkish province of Van.  The tribe was involved in the shady illegal business of drug trafficking.  The province is in the far eastern side of Turkey, and borders the country of Iran.  The residents still live very traditional lives, respecting century’s old traditions and unwritten rules of behavior; stated the 32-year-old Murat Yildirim.


Three years ago Yildirim portrayed the character of Demir Dogan in the much acclaimed serial “ASI”.  This portrayal promoted him to the status of prince to so many women worldwide.  With his latest role of Savas; confirming his status as one of the most popular, striking and charismatic Turkish actor.


The popularity comes to a person who does not come from a family of artistic pedigree. His father a native of Syria, his older sister is a teacher, and younger sister is studying computer science, his mother is a housewife.  Murat Yildirim by profession is in fact a mechanical engineer, who also had a dream of a career of playing the drums in a heavy metal band.  On the set of “Firtina” five years ago he met the love of his life Burcin Terzioglu and they married in June of 2008.


  1. 10-17-2011

    we love Murat, please give us the good news about having a baby soon,we love to see you a real father, passing to him/her your smartness, charming, and all the goodness in you and your wife, we are waiting

    • 2-26-2013

      I love u both Murat Yildirim and Burcin Terzioglu i hope u better all the time in your life

  2. 11-13-2011

    It is true, Murat, you are the most charming, loving & charismatic Turkish actor out there today. The whole Arab World loves you. Like Ghada said, we hope to hear that you are going to be a papa soon because, in both ASI and ASK VE CEZA, you played the role of the father very successfully which leads us to believe that you will be a wonderful father in real life too.

  3. 11-22-2011


  4. 12-10-2011

    I love Murat and burchin
    murat is my favorit actor

  5. 12-31-2011

    Hello your Murad
    Very beautiful picture in the magazine and I hope with all my heart real
    Always be high on your images and on the covers of all magazines and you are an artist deserves all appreciation and respect
    I am on the idea to collect all your photos, to tell you I love you man very simple in
    Your dealings and fluffy and proud and I love your personality because you are very very expressive person
    Through the eyes, which am awed when I see on the screen and I am currently poodle every day
    On Abu Dhabi TV series ask ve ceza show fun and interesting events and filling
    Believe me, You are very popular in Egypt and I’m very happy with the fact that the books and I’m impressed you about your
    And I have confidence in your artist you the pleasure of his works by watching creative and I wish you all the love
    And greetings to your family, which made ​​a very big star in Turkey and full sense of the delicate and beautiful greetings to your wife
    I hope with all my heart for the happiness and longevity all love you and your family’s precious

  6. 2-9-2012

    hi im zinab for iran in so much murat
    murat i love u

  7. 3-20-2012

    Dear Murat,(my best turkish actor),

    You are indeed representative of a very talented (Acutely sensitive and high talented). I like your choice of roles that you act. The performance figures presented by highly skilled, you affect us when you love, hate, get angry and when you want to revenge, when you are a lover, father, brother and a friend … I didn’t like watching Turkish Muslaslat until I saw one of your series (Asi) … then I started watch all of yours, I like Ask ve Ceza so much, I think that I’m right if I say that you looks like Savas in your real life (hope so), you deserve the Ağa unvanı in this series ,also you deserve the title (Prince of Romance) I prefer to call you (Ağa of Romance and Love), you are popular actor in Egypt.I also highly appreciate the musician who set the Soundtrack and the song of it, He was so perfect to reflect the event with his music, also I Raise the cap to Yasmin(Nurgül Yesilçay), Shahnur(Tomris Incer) , and uncle Pala(Kerem Atabeyoglu) for their great performance.

    I become so happy when I know that you are an engineer as I’m an engineer too. I think that you use the sense of engineer when you chose your roles and act you are really professional in your work my all appreciation for you; finally I wish you good luck, having a cute baby like your wife, more and more success and all the best in your life, Thank you for enjoying us.

  8. 4-13-2012

    murat yildirim,happy birthday.I love you

  9. 6-20-2012

    love iran kissssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  10. 6-28-2012

    You are a great kisser. I hope to see you co-staring with tuba buyukustun again in near future.

  11. 7-15-2012

    Dear Murat,

    All girls and women love you in Iran and they try watch the series “Ask Ve Ceza” are displaying in Gem Classic T.V.

  12. 8-9-2012

    Murat i love you so much and my vish see you and kiss you

  13. 8-22-2012

    murat you’re a much popular actor in Iran and we,Iranian girls iove you alot!!my dreamy man,I wish the BEST :):*:*:*

    • 2-25-2013

      you are right

  14. 10-22-2012

    seni cok seviyorum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  15. 2-8-2013

    my favrteeeeee actorrr

  16. 2-25-2013

    seni coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooook seviyorum murat turkiyeye gelip seni gormek istiyorum

  17. 3-20-2013

    Greetings from Bulgaria!

    We love so much Murat Yildirim and Tuba Buyukustun!

  18. 5-6-2013

    çooook yakışıklıııı yaaa maşallah

  19. 11-30-2013

    my favorite actor

  20. 11-30-2013

    my favorite actor

  21. 3-30-2014

    Murat is the best ambassador of Turkey worldwide!!!

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